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Upright Eclipse Ei Educational Microscope

New generation digital solutions that stimulate curiosity

Students can enjoy learning how to operate the ECLIPSE Ei using its smartphone-friendly Online Guide. Digital cameras that enable sharing of discoveries and experiences through images are also available to stimulate your students’ intellectual curiosity.

Teach yourself microscope operation with the Online Guide

By simply scanning a QR code, students can quickly access the Online Guide on their smartphones to independently learn how to operate the microscope. The Online Guide can also be useful in preparing students before using the microscope and to reinforce concepts after using the microscope.

You can select the Quick Guide, which offers video lectures on basic operations, as well as a Contents List that introduces details about operations and the cleaning procedure.

Intuitive design that expands learning possibilities

Both ease of understanding and operability, which respectively enable intuitive and stress-free operation, are in demand. Our unique design expertise has been applied to every aspect of the microscope. The accompanying Online Guide empowers students to learn how to operate the microscope independently, revolutionizing the conventional class workflow and saving time for practical training.

Simple, Intuitive Interface

The body of the ECLIPSE Ei is designed to provide smooth and seamless operation which facilitates quick observation. Simple and intuitive markings on the ECLIPSE Ei, from illustrations to color-coding, enable students to quickly understand how to operate the various aspects of the microscope.

Lighting status can be checked at a glance The power switch and light intensity control knob are all located at the front.

Reversed-type nosepiece You can check which objective is in use and change magnifications without other objectives getting in the way.

Illustrative presentation of handles The handles for moving the stage in the X/Y direction are displayed using illustrations of their respective shapes.

Stress-free stage operation The simple stage shape has no bothersome projections on either side.

Fine focus with either hand The coarse/fine focus knobs for moving the stage up and down are positioned on both sides of the microscope.

The best aperture can be set intuitively The lever positions of the condenser aperture are color-coded and matching the objectives.

Safe and secure focusing Stage height limits can be set to prevent specimen and objective collision and damage.

Tube orientation displayed during storage The tube can be rotated to reduce the space required for storage by loosening the tube locking screw. The tube is designed so that it does not fall.