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Imaging Solutions


Nikon NIS Elements D

The ideal microscope imaging software for easy capture, processing, reporting, and storage.

NIS-Elements D utilizes a single window graphical user interface tailored for facilitating image capture, object measurement, and counting, databasing, and report generation. Menu options have been streamlined, making this the most intuitive and easy-to-use microscopy software package on the market. The combination of integrated automated intelligence, streamlined workflow, attention to detail, and creative design makes NIS-Elements Documentation the perfect package for clinical and industrial applications such as particle analysis, defect analysis, and fiber & textile material analysis. MORE INFO…


Nikon NIS Elements BR

Microscope imaging software geared for acquisition and device control for standard research applications, requiring four-dimensional imaging.

NIS-Elements BR is scaled to manage basic research applications.  While not as full-featured as the Advanced Research module, BR offers most of the total imaging solutions as its more powerful counterpart.  With BR, you still have access to advanced image capture, archiving, and analysis solutions that are easy-to-use and provide maximum workflow.