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Gold Award for Nikon

Nikon Corporation Receives iF Gold Award for Design Excellence
March 3, 2016

Inverted microscopes ECLIPSE Ts2 and ECLIPSE Ts2R recognized for streamlined body design

Ts2 iF Gold Award 


Nikon Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce that Inverted Microscopes ECLIPSE Ts2R and ECLIPSE Ts2 have been recognized with the iF Gold Award, a globally prestigious design recognition sponsored by iF International Forum Design GmbH since 1953. The ECLIPSE Ts2R and ECLIPSE Ts2 were awarded in the Product category (Industry/Skilled Trades) for their streamlined, space-saving design, ergonomics and enhanced functionality.

This year, 5,295 product and service entries from 53 countries were tested and evaluated by the iF Design Award judging panel, with 1,821 products receiving awards in the various categories. Of the winning products, 75 were given the iF Gold Award.

According to the iF jury the ECLIPSE Ts2/Ts2R is a family of two microscopes with an unmistakable affiliation. A product that, due to its complexity, is very hard to design, has been implemented with amazing success. For designers, it is a huge challenge to transfer this level of complexity into such a strong and clear design statement. Every detail is under control.

Both the ECLIPSE Ts2R and ECLIPSE Ts2 systems feature Nikon’s latest design enhancements to improve observation, efficiency and accuracy.
ïImproved body design: The compact, stable and durable body on both models conserves valuable bench space and easily fits next to an incubator or inside a tissue culture hood.

Streamlined, ergonomic operation: The microscope can be conveniently switched between diascopic and epi-fluorescence observation using intuitively positioned controls and the lowered stage height of the Ts2R reduces fatigues during operation and frequent exchange of samples.

LED-based diascopic and epi-fluorescence illumination:  Eliminates alignment and frequent bulb replacements while providing bright and even illumination
New Emboss Contrast technique:  New cost-effective contrasting technique provides pseudo-three dimensional images of thick samples and is compatible with a variety of culture-ware including plastic dishes.

The ECLIPSE Ts2R and ECLIPSE Ts2 are now available for purchase.

ECLIPSE Ts2 Inverted Routine Microscope:


Providing more accuracy and efficiency, the Inverted Routine Microscope ECLIPSE Ts2 is the successor of the ECLIPSE TS100. As an entry-level inverted microscope with improved functionality, it enables for more efficient microscopy while inheriting the highly reliable optical performance of the previous model.

Both the Ts2 and Ts2-FL models also employ LED illumination, eliminating the need for conventional adjustment and frequent replacement of light for both the diascopic and episcopic illuminators. Moreover, the zero warm-up time of LED illuminators allow for quicker cell observation.


ECLIPSE Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope:


The ECLIPSE Ts2R is a compact inverted research microscope that is configurable with a wide variety of observation methods. The broad range of observation methods, smaller body and improved ease of use will directly benefit research laboratories and improve workflow.

In addition to conventional contrast methods, the ECLIPSE Ts2R features versatile observation methods, including Phase Contrast, DIC, Hoffman Modulation Contrast and Emboss Contrast. It is also compatible with a selection of high performance and quality optical accessories to function similarly to the inverted research microscope ECLIPSE Ti and produce clear, sharp images.